I am an advocate for fat fetish related aesthetics and philosophy, as well as a pagan, goth, metalhead, geek, techie, subculture fanatic, and independent art and music enthusiast living in Southern California. My interests include ancient history, philosophy, cuisine and fine alcohols, music, literature, culture, aesthetics, sexual fetishism, Retrofuturism, RPG gaming, social networking, and technology. I’m a regular volunteer at the local library, and engage in regular interfaith with various Pagan or otherwise alternative spiritual organizations.

I am a huge student of history and philosophy in general, but I have been especially entertained by alternative history, as well as Historical Fantasy and socially challenging forms of Science Fiction, including Cyberpunk and Retrofuturism. I’ve also been a regular attendee of the local Renaissance Faires for over a decade now, and I love festivals of many types. I am very passionate about music and especially experimental music, and have developed a complex palette in both the Electronic, Folk, and Heavy Metal spheres, among others. I find myself always amazed by the amazing kinds of art, music, and literature that are available to us in this modern age of ours, and I hope I never lose that sense of wonder.

I have been an active member of the fat fetishism community for over a decade now, and I have a lot of respect and appreciation for members of other fetish communities. I am a very aesthetically and philosophically inclined person, and though I can most certainly be a hedonistic kinkster, I approach sexual fetishism through the lens of mature analysis, and I most value intelligent discourse on the topic, as well as learning about other people’s experiences and passions, whether or not are tastes are aligned.

I picked Adipologist as my title because it reflects my perspective and experiences with not only my own tastes, but with my interactions with people both inside and outside of the fat fetishism community. There’s plenty of enjoyment to go around, but not many people who are advocating for our unorthodox tastes in a mature and honest manner. I endeavor to apply the same kind of acumen to adipophilia as I do with my other intellectual and aesthetic pursuits. With this persona I will share my own creative ideas and projects, spread awareness for relevant perspectives to adipophilia and other related fetishes, and help to give others various places to share their own work, wherever possible.